Welcome to Innovation Day.

On behalf of The Royal Danish Agricultural Society, Patriotisk Selskab og Bramstrup Knowledge Center I will like to welcome you to Innovation Day 2003.

Welcome to our Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, who in a short while will make the opening speetch. Thank you for helping us to concentrate a focus on innovation and on the theme of this day: How do I create innovative partnerships for my organization?

Welcome to our guests from other countries. Many times, of cause, we have been asked why Innovation Day could not have named danish title. But we live in a global world, where innovation gives little meening if it is not related to the development in other countries – and therefore we are indeed very happy that you are present today.

And welcome to all of you. You represent a tremendous amount of knowledge, which today will be seen in innumerous new combinations.

Finally, I will like to thank a small group of people, who, on an early stage had the courrage to help us arrange this day, namely: Nykredit, who is the main sponsor for Innovation Day, Alm. Brand, Amtssparekassens Gavefond and The Royal Danish Agricultural Society, Understøttelsesfonden.

Thank you for beeing so brave to support something, which had never been seen before: Not only one network, but more than 30 different professional networks gathered in a barn to an Open Space about Innovation.

Welcome to Innovation Day.