Emne: How do we promote Danish agricultural innovation internationally?

Gruppe: 4

Fra kl. 11.00 til kl. 12.00


Tony Maxwell


Jens Yde Blom, Nina Riis, Rune Pedersen, Günther Løkke, Lars Ingerslev Storper


Is Danish innovation ’Danish’? In what ways? What is Danish agriculture known for abroad? Are there positive values associated with Danish agriculture – or with Denmark in general? Can these be employed to help communicate and promote Danish innovation abroad?

Danish values: Small country, effective organisations (co-op structure), export-oriented, intensive farming (pig farming), pragmatic, flexible farmers, very strict environmental laws.

The combination of strict environmental laws, the need to ensure high productivity, and a relaxed attitude toward change makes Danish farmers more willing than many to employ advanced, hi-tech solutions.

Denmark already has a reputation for this in Europe and elsewhere, including in the future EU countries of Central Europe. The values that people abroad associate with Denmark and Danish agriculture could be capitalised on – to help promote Danish products and farming methods in places where environmental legislation is becoming stricter and requirements for high productivity are increasing.